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We Challenge the Department of Vets Affairs To use My Case As an Example for how, "NOT TO HANDLE A CASE", My case was never allowed to come to the forefront until President Obama, was elected! Even today there are so many,many, "AGENTS",Will Not HELP,"US", The "Government",Should Provide "ATTORNEYS" For Service Members That have been (RAPED),By another member of the Military, The Military, Intel.,Was Directly responsible for my Rape! We need some BRAVE? People to take this Project on? Evidence has been "Destroyed",People have Told "US" things that aren't so?There Are People putting things in the record that was not said "SELECT ENTRY", Mr. Flores,Is given "LIP SERVICE" "I CAN'T SAY WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SAY IF I DID I WOULD BE FIRED", We are being Blocked from our benefits by A Select group of "BRAINWASHED" "AGENTS", That are never going to give Any Vet A Fair CHANCE???. Bobby Gean Russum, V.A.File ####, 20 523 610,Read my File Please?" SOME HONEST PERSON HELP US" We are tired of hearing NO? WE need A YES!, (808) 965 1540,



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