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Department of Vet. Affairs

We are "Blocked Out from seeing our U.S.NAVY,Records? From The "Korean War Era" Records? what took place while serving "In JAPAN,Korea, and Coronado,Ca. We need Chaplains,Intelligent, Psychotherapy,(From Balboa Naval Hospital,San Diego,Ca. Date,Feb.28th.1955,to March,18,1955, Admiral,Coffins "Navy Log", Detailed Medical Records?About Sexual Attack That took place while serving in Japan? We have Been Denied because of "Secrets,Covered Up By The People "IN" on out the "Dirty Deed" I am a Combat Korean War Vet. The Department of V.A.Affairs, is Not there for "US" All we get is excuses "WE ARE STILL WORKING ON YOUR CASE??" (58?)yrs. We have Been Frozen out? Sen AKAKA, NO HELP?, President Obama? He on HELP?? My Civil Rights were violated in a Very violent manner, What My own "SHIPMATES" Did to me is "NAVAL U.C.M.J.,Art.120-120A,"DEATH SENTENCE" For what they did to me? We filed with Dept. of V.A. Affairs? They are not there for "US", We Appealed, in Washington,D.C. Over a year ago? We filed For Compensation,on 5/9/09, "THE OLD GUARD THAT WAS IN ON ALL THE DIRTY DEEDS OF THIS NATURE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM ANY TYPE OF SERVICE? They are still around! We run onto that "MENTALITY ALL THE TIME! We have ###'s For the Filings?? And Copies? To all the Gov. Bodies? I Talked to A Lcdr.Chaplin For over an Hour Before I departed Japan,in 1954, on M.A.T.S.,C-97,Cargo,Air Craft? Emergency? They Sent me Back to Ca. Alone!, (808-965-1540) Robert G. Russum, Thank You!,We found out the "Department of Vet. Affairs/Records,Burned "All The Records From 1972,Back?" We are on APPEAL,Well guess What They Can't Find OUR Appeal? We have APPEALED TWO TIMES?? My Case Is A Capitol Case? #120,120A,of the U.C.M.J. We cant get any "HELP",Sen. INOYUE ,Got my email,We never heard back from his Office?? They ALL KEEP PASSING "US",On down the "LINE" of "Confusion" Joe Flores,St. V.A.,Rep Filed Our APPEAL, We got a letter in SEPTEMBER,2011,"WE are still "WORKING ON YOUR CASE" For Close to (3yrs.?) Bobby Gean Russum,U.S.Navy,Combat War Vet. '51 to '55,Active to '55 to 10/13/59,Honorable Discharge! 10/13/19, We are being Cheated by Bias,Agents that don't have a clue What i have Suffered Through out my life?,and they could care Less? When We Come to the (RAPE) part "WE LOSS THEM ON THE SPOT??",Thank you Mr. President For Your Hard Work For ALL CIVIL RIGHTS VICTIMS! Your Fantastic Job For The Vets.You Can't Forget "US OLD VETS. THAT HAVE BEEN ABUSED, USED AS GENNIE PIGS",THEN THROWN AWAY,AND TOLD TO KEEP OUR "TRAPS SHUT"? "We will take care of you"? in 2014,Will be (60yrs.) Dreadbeard! I Just Talked to Dr.Henderson @ Hilo,Clinic, She Just Don't Get What we are trying to "GET INTO OPERATION??" "CARE" Not Lip SERVICE" ,She Should be Replaced? Bobby Gean Russum!



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