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Fed Gov should promote skilled accessibility professionals

Government should support the development of Accessibility Professional Certification programs along with the education needed to support the certification process. This will build a larger pool of skilled accessibility experts and will drive the integration of accessibility training into other general IT development training programs and post-secondary educational programs.

Submitted by Cooper.Randy 2 years ago

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    2 years ago

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  1. I'm not sure about certification (lots of discussion about this lately!) but there is a definite need to build capacity. The best candidates should be supported -- there are dozens of folks in federal agencies who are showing true leadership, but who are not getting enough support and recognition.

    I'd like to see some cross-training -- take techies and give them an understanding of the world of policy and the implementation environment; take policy folks and give them enough tech training to be good, prctical advocates and problem-solvers. The talent is definitely there; we just need to let it develop itself.

    2 years ago
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    1. Successful professional certification programs are usually focused on excluding novice participation, and Jim is right. The larger problem is capacity. This field is full of experts and short on common methods (subject of the current #2 topic for that matter). Build capacity, make developing and authoring easier, and understand that most developers, authors, and buyers will have few intersections with accessibility. In order to scale, build guidance and training using "Just in Time" and "Just for You" methods.

      2 years ago
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