Strengthen Accountability

Integrating Accessibiity Strategically

Accountability, accessibility in procurement, developer training, etc…each is relevant and necessary for accessibility, but all of these components can be somewhat tactical if each is simply considered autonomously.


What should be clearly articulated is that accessibility needs to be woven into the fabric and culture of an organization through: policy and governance, integration into key processes (procurement and development, as a couple of examples), accountability and management buy-in, organizational structure, skill building, establishment of goals and metrics to assess progress, and so on. Such a holistic approach, which I call “organizational enablement” (vs. “technical enablement”), is key to the accessibility journey, and plays a significant role in the speed and trajectory of accessibility initiative success.


Therefore; including language that drives organizations to establish programs, policies, processes, etc. to address accessibility in a systemic manner would be a powerful facilitator.



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