Product Accessibility

It all come back to Top down Agency awareness with Section 508

Very interesting conversation going on and from my perspective I see everything coming back to increased awareness. When we talk about Product Accessibility you have to first distinguish which “product” you are talking about. Put into the process of the current law it can be any product that we use, develop, maintain or procure. You’re talking about almost everyone within your organization needing to be aware of Section 508 from the person creating websites, documents and PDF to the purchasing agents and administrators as well as the executives. Everyone has a role and that role must be defined. I believe if we ever want to fully get our arms around the problems we have we need to get everyone onboard.

In order to accomplish this we have to have top down Section 508 training. Not to make everyone experts and able to check websites and documents but so that they know that there is something out there called Section 508 and they understand their role in its implementation. My thought would to create a suite of training tools for different agency roles such as Executive, Administrator, Developer and Procurement. Have each agency create an implementation team and have an agency like GSA, with the assistance of some third party agency, provide Train the Trainer training to these implementation teams so that they can go back to their agencies and get the needle moving in the right direction.



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