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Pilot 508 Interagency Best Practices and Shared Services Cost-Sa

Optimize 508 administrative services across the Federal Government by 1) Benchmark interagency Best Practices and Lessons Learned to support refinement of existing 508 processes and policy and development of a new Department-wide 508 Strategic Plan 2) Determine feasibility of a Shared Services Cost-Savings Model where one agency provides Braille and other services for a fee such as the existing Federal Occupation Health (FOH) model.

Submitted by len.gerald 2 years ago

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    2 years ago

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  1. Others in the public sector, especially state governments and universities, are already doing a good job sharing best practices; the federal government should join in.

    Shared services is a good idea. One way to economize would be to share product evaluations. Why have 30 agencies reviewing the same product? Share the evaluation agenda -- who's in the market for what product, who can do which parts of the evaluation on what timetable, etc. We could do 10 times more testing at one tenth the cost if the entire public sector did some rigorous, authoritative crowd-sourcing.

    2 years ago
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  2. Training is another service that could be shared - some agencies provide great training, others do none at all. Materials should be collected, standardized and shared. Good trainers should be shared across agency lines within geographic regions.

    2 years ago
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