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It's common to see a new kind of product emerge and upset the applecart of accessibility, usually without any warning. When the vendor is approached about accessibility, their answer may be, "We'll fix that in the next release." In the meantime, customers are stuck with an inaccessible product.

To get out of this reactive mode, how about a project that identifies technologies that are 3-5 years away from the market? This project would approach standards bodies, R&D labs, and other fonts of innovation, bringing the message of accessibility. It could be a general message, or it could be accompanied by some statement that one or more existing accessibility regulations apply to this kind of product. Either way, the project would follow up with the innovators as the product neared market, and give some assistance to AT vendors and potential early customers as well.


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    "We will fix" is a joke. They got the contract, why would they spend one dime to fix it. Was not in RFP/solicitation so why bother??