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Self Assessment



Self-Assessment Exemplary Practices: 1.Comprehensive Evaluation of Internal and External Technologies and 2. Priorities and Goals


Comprehensive Evaluations: Make a list of all ICT used or offered, including all platforms, devices and applications; Evaluate the accessibility of each item; Can include formal testing of ICT applications with automated accessibility testing tools; Consider the user experience of applicants, employees and customers with varying disabilities (interviews, focus groups)


A variety of checklists exist. ODEP is developing an online tool that employers can use to check and then access online resources for the areas they need to address: Tech Check. Tech Check will be a starting point for companies to build their own self-assessment and improvement plan. Includes resources and tools for making needed improvements


Setting Priorities and Goals: Evaluation process generally identifies ICT that is not accessible to and/or usable by people with disabilities; Remedying all identified issues at once may not be realistic due to cost and legacy IT infrastructure constraints; Leading companies commit to making all the necessary changes, either immediately or in the longer term



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