Roles and Responsibilities

Stress 508 Compliance to Support 501/503 and 504 Obligations

Affected individuals have difficulty lodging complaints against Section 508 because the enforcement model is based on procurement remedies. The result is that most unresolved E&IT complaints devolve into Section 501/503 (anti-discrimination), or more predominantly, Section 504 (reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals) issues. The Strategic plan should emphasize the importance of Section 508 compliance in aiding ...more »

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Increase Transparency

Making a Section 508 complaint

Do people in HR or in areas that might handle Section 508 get trained in how to handle Section 508

complaints? It seems that the whole issue of how to make a Section 508 complaint for those of us that might want to is very confusing because

all the agencies are supposed to come up with their own plans for how to handle them.

Comment from Accessibility Committee virtual Listening Session, Sept 8, 2011

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Strengthen Accountability

A Metric with No Measure

In the Metrics section of the plan, more specificity is needed for electronic content. It simply states “Agencies will review and evaluate electronic content for 508 compliance.” We need simple metrics, common across most agencies, that can be used to evaluate an agency’s commitment and effectiveness in implementing accessibility. The Section 508 refresh is increasing the scope of electronic content and the strategic ...more »

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Product Accessibility

Restrict use of “conforming alternate versions” of websites.

Do not support the broad use of alternate conforming websites. Support the narrow use of alternate conforming websites only as a last resort and preferably as a temporary measure on the way to full accessibility of the non-conforming version. It is the Rehabilitation Act’s stated policy that “all programs, projects, and activities receiving assistance under this Act shall be carried out in a manner consistent with the ...more »

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Increase Transparency

Agency Web Application Metric

Collect and post data for external web applications on an agency and/or OMG/GSA web site and post a similar data set on an agency’s intranet. Present it as a quarterly or yearly report by Providing a table which lists: 1) the agencies web applications (link to splash screen), 2) has/when accessibility testing occurred, 3) a compliance determination, 4) known accessibility defects (link), 5) work around or accommodation ...more »

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