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Suggested Outcomes for Improving Management of Section 508

Increase Transparency

Section 508 standards should be clearly communicated and understood in the Federal government environment. Making government data, processes, decisions and activities accessible to all Americans empowers citizens to participate and contribute to decision making. These are some suggested actions under this component:

1. Identifying and developing government wide protocols, goals and measures around electronic and internet technologies

2. Build and implement plans to measure against baseline and provide annual reports to OMB to assess improvement

3. Include an accessibility statement and information about the agency's process for collecting and responding to input and complaints on accessibility on the agency's internet sites

4. Encourage greater transparency by vendors regarding product accessibility

Strengthen Accountability

Holding the Federal government and its agencies accountable is an important component in ensuring consistent implementation of Section 508 standards and policies throughout the Government. These are some suggested actions under this component:

1. Develop government-wide metrics for successfully measuring Section 508 agency programs

2. Report agency metrics through regular OMB status sessions

3. Provide sampling protocol for agencies to use in sampling procurements for accessibility requirements and agencies will include these in regular assessments and AcqStat reports to OMB

4. Enhance leadership at agencies for Section 508 compliance/implementation; appoint or provide contact information for the agency Section 508 coordinator to GSA; define roles and responsibilities

Improve Capabilities

Create systematic approach to compliance and implementation of Section 508. Spotlight areas that require additional focus, strengthen partnerships with private industry, reduce the cost of implementation per Agency by encouraging use of best practices. Some suggested actions:

1. Update Section 508 coordinators guidebook for use by agencies including operational plans, defining roles and responsibilities, among other goals

2. Plan to identify and deliver workforce tools to implement the new accessibility standards

3. Identify and implement ways to increase use of the GSA BuyAccessible Wizard

4. Deliver an on-demand learning event to share the Section 508 responsibilities by acquisition workforce functional role

5. Deliver targeted job aids to provide tips to avoid common procurement challenges with Section 508

6. Increase efficiency by ensuring that relevant components related to accessibility are collaborating and coordinating

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