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Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities below are defined by statute. These are the key individuals and agencies responsible for implementing the Section 508 program.

This strategy will clarify responsibilities and, if warranted and suggested during this Dialogue, add and define additional roles and responsibilities. Please note, although most agencies have appointed a Section 508 coordinator, that role is not defined by statue.

Access Board

• Promote accessibility for individuals with disabilities by developing accessibility standards for electronic and information technologies (EIT)

• Periodically review and amend standards to reflect changes and advances in technology.

• Provide technical assistance, advice, expertise and leadership to individuals and federal departments and agencies concerning the standards of Section 508, as stated in the Rehabilitation Act.

Department of Justice

• Biennially, conduct a survey of all Federal Agencies to ascertain status of compliance with Rehabilitation Act

• Prepare and submit to the President and Congress a report on and recommendations regarding the state of Federal agency compliance with Section 508, including actions regarding individual complaints of inaccessibility

General Services Administration

• Provide technical assistance, advice, expertise and leadership to individuals and Federal departments and agencies concerning the implementation and management of Section 508, including information regarding FAR requirements and training

Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council

• Update FAR to incorporate standards developed by the Access Board

• Provide technical guidance related to Agency compliance with the FAR

• Provide technical guidance on Section508 and acquisition training

CIO Council/Accessibility Committee

• No statutory responsibility.

Heads of Federal Agencies

• Develop a policy to respond to DOJ biennial accessibility survey

• Evaluate the extent to which electronic and information technology is accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities

Agency Chief Information Officer (CIO)

• No statutory responsibility

Agency Section 508 Coordinator

• No statutory responsibility

Acquisition workforce members

• comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements on EIT

Other roles and responsibilities

• No statutory responsibility

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