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Coordinate among agencies with accessibility responsibilities

By one count there are 22 federal entities that have some accessibility oversight role. In 508-land, the big ones are the Access Board, GSA, DoJ, CIO Council, and FAR and the Chief Acquisition Officer Council. But the FCC, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Labor, National Council on Disability, NIST, Department of Transportation and many others have parallel roles in their own domains. Why not astound the public and make a go of working together where there are shared issues? For example, making emergency communications accessible is now subject to action by (at least) FEMA/Homeland Security, DoJ, and FCC. Hidden somewhere in the Rehab Act (Section 502?) there's mention of interagency committees. Dept. of Labor is working on new rules for federal contractors under Section 503 -- wouldn't it be better to harmonize on 508's universal design-oriented technical provisions than keep going down the "accommodation" road?


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