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Non-Compliance with Section 508 has no "TEETH" trending idea

While attending a class on computer and network security, I stated that in addition to securing the computers and networks we needed to also ensure the networks were in compliance with Section 508 directives. With a grimace on his face, the instructor stated compliance with Section 508 was not a security issue, therefore, it was not an inspection item -- however, he added, Section 508 guidelines could be used when possible. There are no distinct penalties for non-compliance with Section 508 directives. On paper, Section 508 appears to have support from our Executive Branch of the government. "Out in the field," unless Flag Officers and SES'es in *ALL* DoD components or Federal Government Agencies become "Champions" directing Section 508 support, it will never be taken seriously by acquisition or information tecthnology personnel. As far as DoD is concerned, if a "Section 508 Inspectable Item Checklist" was developed, say for AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION (AFI) 33-393 "ELECTRONIC AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBLE TO INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES, SECTION 508", then it most definitely will get the attention of all personnel that AFI specificly affects.


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