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Improve Capabilities

Harmonize on 508

Section 508 is unique among federal accessibility requirements in that it gets into a lot of technical detail. The upcoming version will do even more of that, being based on WCAG 2.0 and its interpretations for non-web.

Industry correctly argues that having different standards and requirements is confusing and ultimately self-defeating.

Wherever possible, federal accessibility regulations (ADA, ACAA, CVAA, 501, 503,... more »


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Increase Transparency

Agency Web Application Metric

Collect and post data for external web applications on an agency and/or OMG/GSA web site and post a similar data set on an agency’s intranet. Present it as a quarterly or yearly report by Providing a table which lists: 1) the agencies web applications (link to splash screen), 2) has/when accessibility testing occurred, 3) a compliance determination, 4) known accessibility defects (link), 5) work around or accommodation... more »


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