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Increase Transparency

Open 508 to a Wide Community of Practice

Right now 508 decisions are made with almost no transparency. This leads to disparities among agencies, and insufficient information about accessibility for other decisionmakers -- basically everyone who buys or uses ICT. (Remember, 508 is supposed to benefit the entire ICT market.) For example, why are VPATs treated as private communications between an agency and a vendor?

All information about ICT accessibility should... more »


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Action Plan

Need for an Agency to Sponsor a Community of Practice

It is hard enough for agencies to collaborate between one another, but what is harder is collaboration with States, Academia, Advocates, and Industry. A government focused community of practice should have contributors from all these perspectives since they are all stakeholders in Section 508. In order to navigate Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) rules, a sponsoring agency is needed.


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