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Product Accessibility

Restrict use of “conforming alternate versions” of websites.

Do not support the broad use of alternate conforming websites. Support the narrow use of alternate conforming websites only as a last resort and preferably as a temporary measure on the way to full accessibility of the non-conforming version.
It is the Rehabilitation Act’s stated policy that “all programs, projects, and activities receiving assistance under this Act shall be carried out in a manner consistent with the... more »


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Roles and Responsibilities

Stress 508 Compliance to Support 501/503 and 504 Obligations

Affected individuals have difficulty lodging complaints against Section 508 because the enforcement model is based on procurement remedies. The result is that most unresolved E&IT complaints devolve into Section 501/503 (anti-discrimination), or more predominantly, Section 504 (reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals) issues. The Strategic plan should emphasize the importance of Section 508 compliance in aiding... more »


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