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More About Dialogue

The Administration is committed to providing equal access to all Americans seeking information about or services from the Federal government. See the White House memo announcing the Section 508 strategic plan.

Some Federal agencies have made great strides implementing Section 508 and have robust programs in place. This National Dialogue on the Strategy to Improve Management of Section 508 will help us learn from those agencies, build upon their success, incorporate best practices from private industry, get feedback from academia, consider personal experiences and focus on the areas that need the most attention.

This initial roadmap will clarify the goals that need to be accomplished in order to facilitate mature Section 508 programs in all Federal agencies. Help us develop strategies which can be implemented across Government to improve the management of agency Section 508 programs. Additionally, we are gathering tactics and actions from experts which will help us achieve those strategies. Some of these suggestions may be incorporated into future guidance as the management strategies mature through the various phases.

Inputs already gathered from the various listening sessions held throughout 2011, along with feedback, comments and suggestions from experts within the Federal government and in private industry will be used to complete the Overview, the Case for Accessible EIT and the Current State of Section 508 Implementation.

Help us determine:

The table of contents outline the areas that will be the focus of this plan. Are we focused on the most beneficial areas? Are there other areas that would provide greater return on investments? Select this link to see the full table of contents .

Have we identified all roles necessary for a robust Section 508 program? Help us by suggesting additional roles and responsibilities. Select this link for a list of statutory roles and responsibilities.

Are measures and metrics necessary for management success? If so, what should be measured, what should be tracked? Why are these measurements important? How will these measurements help the agency monitor, track and improve compliance and/or improve the Section 508 program? Select this link for a list of metrics developed by the CIOC Accessibility Committee.

Input obtained through listening sessions, this national dialogue, meetings with key stakeholders, and feedback from federal practitioners and leaders will be used to identify key outcomes which are necessary for improving accessibility. Have we focused on the most critical outcomes? Suggest key actions that are critical for success. Select this link to review suggested key outcomes to improve management of Section 508. .

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